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Disinformation costs $78 billion each year

Disinformation can destroy institutions in days that take years to build. It ruins trust in science, increases polarisation and impacts business' bottom line


Say No To Disinfo mines peer-reviewed empirical studies for insight on the most effective way to combat any information threat. This is combined with AI for personalisation, iteration and optimisation of counter-disinformation campaigns.


Our team is behind the seminal effort to collate, curate, categorise and analyse all relevant research based on responding to misinformation and disinformation.


We have published books on countering disinformation, have experience running campaigns and have advised several organisations on narrative strategy

Building resilience to disinformation

Clearly defined, highly personalised and evidence informed media literacy programmes

Vulnerability Audits

We identify potential information threats that are most likely and have the highest organisational impact

Threat Monitoring

Our mix of tools monitor cross-channel for early detection of information threats

Threat Response

We demystify information threats, synthesise insight from thousands of experiments for optimal threat response


Advisory Board

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